The 3 G’s to Make Selling and Buying Easier

The 3 G’s to Make Selling and Buying Easier

If you’re thinking about selling your property and finding your next dream home, you might be worried about all the work and stress involved. You might even wonder, “Do I want to go through all that this year?”

That’s a legitimate concern. Fortunately, it’s simple to make the process easier and less stressful. Just remember the three G’s:

1. Get the numbers

  • Selling and buying will be much easier when you know the numbers and, more importantly, know they will work for you. You’ll need to find out what your current property will sell for on today’s market. You’ll also need to establish a budget for your next home. And finally, you’ll need to get a clear picture of the type of home and neighbourhood that fits within that budget. Once you know the numbers, half the stress is gone.

2. Get organized

  • When you’re selling and buying, it can seem like you’re rolling two boulders up a hill at the same time. Staying organized will make the task much easier. Keep a special calendar just for real estate activities. Also, take advantage of the many phone apps and tools available for home buyers and sellers.

3. Get your team together

  • You don’t have to go it alone. Get the professional help you need to make the process go more smoothly and easily for you. That may include a good contractor (for repairs and improvements), babysitter, pet daycare, landscaping service, etc. It might even be worth subscribing to one of the many services that deliver meal kits to your home — which frees up your time to prepare for viewings or to see properties for sale.

There is even more you can do to make selling and buying a less stressful, even enjoyable, experience for you. So, don’t let these concerns get in the way of making a move.

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