Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In Half The Time

Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In Half The Time

Spring cleaning can seem like a great idea until you actually get started. Then it often turns out to be more work than expected!


The good news is, there are proven techniques to make the job easier so you can get it done faster.


Before you begin the project, make sure you have everything you need: hammer, boxes, tape, garbage bags, etc. Think of the supplies you’ll need on hand and the tools that will make tasks easier. You don’t want to have to waste time on frequent trips to the store. Having everything you need beforehand means you’ll have more time to focus on cleaning instead of planning last minute supply runs for your home.


Consider renting a small moving trolley (AKA hand truck.) That will make it much easier to move heavy objects, such as furniture, as you’re cleaning. Most local home improvement centers rent these.


Plan how you’re going to dispose of waste and unwanted stuff. It can help you avoid creating unnecessary clutter or mess in your home. By designating specific areas or containers for different types of waste, such as recycling, garbage, or hazardous materials, you can keep your home organized and minimize the risk of accidents or spills. Ensure that you have the necessary tools and resources to dispose of waste properly, such as trash bags, recycling bins, or hazardous waste disposal services. Find out where you can donate clothes, toys, furniture, and other items. Note the location of your local garbage disposal site and its hours of operation.


Divide tasks into “Heavy work” and “Light work” and then do the heavy work first, such as moving furniture, reorganizing rooms, etc. Only after completing the heavy work should you dive into the “light work”, such as packing boxes and sweeping. Getting the harder tasks out of the way leave you with simpler, more manageable tasks for you later. Heavy work, such as moving furniture, scrubbing floors, or cleaning bathrooms, can be physically demanding and time-consuming. By breaking up these tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks, you can avoid becoming overwhelmed and ensure that you have enough energy to complete the work. Light work, such as dusting, organizing, or wiping down surfaces, can be less physically demanding but still time-consuming. Or, instead of doing heavy work all at once and then choosing to continue with light work, alternate between heavy and light tasks and give your body a break while avoiding burnout. Overall, dividing work into heavy and light tasks can help you stay organized, focused, and motivated during spring cleaning.


Consider getting help. It can make the process more efficient and save you time and energy. It can also make it easier to tackle larger or more challenging cleaning tasks, such as deep cleaning carpets or even repainting. Additionally, having someone else to help can provide an extra set of hands and fresh perspective, making it easier to identify areas that need attention. There are many services available that will assist with cleaning, painting, junk removal, repairs, and more. You can even hire a student to assist you for a weekend.


Spring cleaning can be a big project, but these tips can help make it a lot easier. The importance of spring cleaning often goes unnoticed, as it helps to improve indoor air quality by removing dust and allergens that have accumulated over the winter months. Additionally, a deep clean can help to prevent the spread of germs and illness, leading to a healthier living environment. And, keep in mind that if you’re thinking of selling this year, getting the spring cleaning done will be a big plus.

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